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Unsurpassed Service

With more than 60 years experience, Tower Innovations has established advanced skills for all stages of tower development, from engineering to fabrication, and from installation to customer service. The choice of Tower Innovations is a logical first step toward a well-planned, well-executed tower project or modification.

Site Evaluation
We will thoroughly evaluate your site to find the most cost-effective layout for your tower, site accessibility and transmitter building.
Civil Engineering
Our Contracter partners will clear the construction areas and install convenient access roads. Everything we do at this stage is designed to make sure your project moves forward efficiently. Then, we excavate and construct tower and building foundations. We maintain a 24-hour contact with our own engineering teams to get questions answered quickly.
Tower Erection & Services
TI will recomend complete professional installation service companies in the region of your project. From site preparation, clearing trees, adding roads, to installing foundations and erecting the tower. Let our qualified and experienced contractors work swiftly to ensure your project is completed correctly and on-time.
Antenna & Line Installation
Our contractor partners regularly install broadcast, cellular and other antennas. We can field-tune your FM antenna for optimum performance, ensuring the best signal. We will test your transmission line to help ensure a low VSWR. We can replace O-rings and worn bullets, or we can repair, upgrade or completely rebuild your antenna system.
• Installations and removals
• Transmission line testing
• Microwave dish path and alignment
• FM antenna tuning
• FM antenna rebuilds
Maintenance & Upgrades
Whether you want to increase loading, perform annual routine maintenance, or bring your tower up to code, we can inspect your tower and perform a detailed computer analysis with specific recommendations.
• Plumb and tension
• Painting
• Inspection
• Lighting system service
• Guy wire treatment and replacement
Tower Innovations • 3266 Tower Road, Newburgh, IN 47630 • ph: 800.664.8222
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