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Self-Supporting Towers
Weld-together Stuctures
Our small weld-together, self-supporting structures are available in pre-engineered sizes, or can be custom designed in face widths from 12" to 72". These can be ordered in both straight and tapered sections, with designs ranging up to 220'.
welded tower
Bolt-together Structures
Our bolt-together, self-supporting structures for X-brace designs are available in face sizes up to 27'. K-brace designs are available up to 40', and truss leg designs are available for larger face sizes. The designs accommodate a wide range of tower requirements up to 900' in height.
bolt together tower

Accessories for self-support structures include lights, platforms, mounts, climbing ladders, feed-line hangers, safety climb devices, grounding, llightning protections, ice shields, star-mounts, t-bars and much more.

Technical Drawings
Truss Leg SS Tower - Wireless Application

technical drawings


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