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Guyed Towers
Weld-together Stuctures
Our weld-together guyed structures are manufactured in 20' sections and can be custom designed from 12" to 72" face widths. Welded towers are ideal for ease-of-installation and can be designed up to 1,200' in height.
welded tower
Bolt-together Structures
Our bolt-together guyed towers are manufactured in 20' and 30' sections and vary from 4' to 12' face widths.  These are typically assembled on-site. This type is normally for large structures and can be designed up to 2,000' heights.
bolt together tower
First in Class
The Tower Innovations team will provide you with the finest engineering and the highest level of construction quality. We use superior materials, precision cut for perfect welds and overall strength.
Accessories for guyed structures may include an elevator, lights, platforms, mounts, climbing ladders, feed-line hangers, safety climb devices, grounding, lightning protection, ice shields, star-mounts, t-bars and much more.
Technical Drawings


technical drawings

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